Old Factory Windows

So today I went on a photoshoot with one of the meetup groups I am a member of. We visited the Gladding McBean terra cotta Factory in Lincoln, California. It would be easy to think this would not be an interesting place for a photoshoot, but nothing could be further from the truth. This old factory is a fascinating location full of textures, color, interesting shapes and a multitude of differently lit scenes. In some places the roof has rusted away and sunlight streams in and creates interesting effects, in other areas the old windows provide patterns and partially light large hallways and areas that are full of castings, plaster molds and even artwork that is on display.

The place has recently started opening the factory up for photography tours. I think that is wonderful and see it as a much appreciated recognition of our wish to visit places like this and not be hassled by tour members who have no patience for photographers. Tripods are allowed and there were about 12 photographers on this photo shoot.

The place is heaven for folk that like HDR and what the HDR process does to textured walls and such. I’ll be posting more from this location in the near future.

Below is an example of the wonderful colors on display here. I just love the textures, the warm stone walls and the blue in the windows of this shot.

Gladding McBean-1

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