Time Lapse Video on the making of a MacWorld cover

I have been experimenting on shooting products on a white background for stock agencies. In doing some research online regarding setup and lighting techniques, I came across this awesome video from Peter Belanger (see full credits and links just below the video). It shows, in a timelapse, the process from photoshoot to front-page design. Fascinating!

Several things hit me when watching this video. First of all, the setup required to take a photo of something seemingly simple, two iPhones. The lighting, the setup, the post processing, the number of people, etc. all show there is a heck more to taking these types of shots than one would imagine. Then, after the photoshoot, the front-page design exercise starts, which is in itself an interesting process.

Interesting to note too that the video itself was taken using a 5D MarkII because of its HD video capabilities. Peter explains how he used a 24-70mm lens and shot in sRAW1 to get smaller file sizes.

Thanks to the time-lapse approach of shooting this video, what you see in a few minutes actually took half a day.

Enjoy the video

Cover creation from Peter Belanger on Vimeo.

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  1. duo August 16, 2009 at 12:57 pm #

    I love these types of time lapse videos. Makes you appreciate the work! GJ!

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