Mono Lake Sunrise

I had previously posted about Bodie, the ghost town found on the Eastern sides of the Sierra Nevadas. In the same vicinity lies Mono Lake, one of the oldest lakes in the Western hemisphere.

Mono Lake is especially known for its mineral structures that stick out of the water in many odd shaped formations. These “tufa” towers, as they are called, were created when fresh water springs bubble up through the alkaline waters of the lake. The water is salty and, just like in the Red Sea, makes you float like a cork. The salty water also provides perfect living conditions for brine shrimp, which attract millions of migratory birds.

While not quite in the millions, the lake also attracts photographers as the tufa formations make interesting subject material, especially at sunrise and sunset. I had two mornings and two evenings to spend there and was up at 4:30 am to be ready for the morning glow as the sun starts to rise. The picture here was taken about 15 minutes before sunrise, you can see the yellow glow behind the hills in the background. Unfortunately, there was some wind, as you can see in the distance and no clouds. Often spectacular skies can be seen here, but no such luck. It was still beautiful though and I hope to go back soon.


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