Reno Balloon Race

One word to express this event  . . . . WOW!

What an explosion of color! Such apparent chaos when 100 balloons are inflated for a mass ascension! You just do not know where to look, with every new balloon filling up, new wonder and excitement.

All this from someone who had never heard the term “Balloon Glow” before. Well, if you have not either, this is what it looks like:

_MG_7332Taken at 5:30 am. A small number of balloons ascend in the dark, synchronized to music that is being piped through a PA. Only a few pilots are licensed to go up in the dark, so this early morning event typically only has 4 or 5 balloons as you can see here. Then, when they go up, they light up upon count-downs.

_MG_7348 So beautiful and such a stark contrast against the black sky.

Then, after these balloons have gone up, chaos erupts on the fields. No less than 100 balloons are inflated. Each is brought onto the field in a truck and trailer combo, then laid out and inflated with cold air. A balloon stretched out on the ground is about the size of a basketball field, so quite some real estate is needed to accommodate 100 balloons.

As they are inflated, the air inside is heated up and they ascend. What a sight! It takes about an hour for all to get ready and start floating upwards. Here is a scene that hopefully depicts that chaos. There are balloons EVERYWHERE!

_MG_7486Such colorful and peaceful sight.


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  1. Irene de Bruijn September 15, 2009 at 11:10 am #

    What a wonderful sight…..these pics are lovely. I will take a look at your others and pass on to some of my friends……Irene

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