Visiting the CIA

The CIA, in this case, stands for Culinary Institute of America, which has a campus in Napa Valley (St Helena to be more precise).  Linda and I visited there this last weekend and this place has some great opportunities for HDR photography.

This front view of the institute for example, shows up really well with the dramatic clouds above it. Gives it a bit of a spooky look.

hdr-5 Inside was great for HDR shots. The lobby (I assume that is what  it is called) has this staircase that leads up and forms a great contrast with the brick walls, both in color as well as in look. The stone giving an old and majestic feel while the steel staircase is modern and utilitarian.

_MG_9935_6_7_tonemapped3-2 There were some renovations going on and they were putting up these really interesting wall designs, two contrasting colored wood panels. A great subject for some abstract shots.

HDR tonemapped

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