Portrait Presets for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Portrait FX is an extensive collection of Lightroom presets specifically designed for the portrait photographer.

The package is put together with flexibility in mind, allowing many presets to be combined, resulting in an almost endless line of possibilities. The presets provide not only toning effects, but also address skin qualities, lighting, softness and contrast. Also, a series of adjustment brush presets are included in the package rounding off the capabilities with tools for fine-tuning.

Some of the preset effects are soft and subtle, others are more colorful and dramatic. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity and experimentation.

There are 54 Develop Presets and 12 Adjustment Brush Presets in total. The Develop Presets come grouped into 5 groups:

  • Portrait FX (11)
  • Toning FX (18)
  • Soft FX (6)
  • Skin FX (8)
  • Lighting FX (11)

The Adjustment Brush Presets include brushes for eye enhancements, touching up make-up, softening skin, whitening teeth and eyes, even a black eyeliner.

Some examples of the Develop Presets

And here are some of the other toning presets.

Then combine these toning presets with the presets from other groups to get any number of effects. You can soften the skin, lighten the skin and play with lighting angles with presets from the Lighting FX group.

Some examples of the Lighting FX presets mimic lighting sources located left/right, top and bottom of the main subject. Great to brighten up parts of the portrait or accentuate (or tone down) exiting lighting effects.

Other presets include contrast boosts, skin softening and skin lightening. A complete list is as follows:

Portrait FX Toning FX Lighting FX Skin FX Soft FX
Antique Aqua Top Right Brighten Skin (lite) Cool Shimmer
Chestnut Blonde Ambition Bottom Right Brighten Skin (med) Baby Skin
Contrast Boost Bordeaux Left Brighten Skin (strong) Barely There
Contrast Boost Lite Cappuccino Right Darken Skin (lite) Ever-So-Soft
Desaturation 1 & 2 Cool Top Left Darken Skin (Med) Suntan
Instant Mocha Denim Blues Bottom Left Remove Specular Highlights Suntan2
Kodachrome 64 High Key Golden Glow Sheer Naturale
Polaroid Ivory Golden Halo Reset Skin
Rembrandt Light Sienna Gold Reflector Left
Tuscan Sparkle Lilac Ice Gold Reflector Right
Nude Sunbright
Retro Rose
Sandy Beach
Soft Berry
Sunset Pink
Warm Green
Reset Color

Package Details

The entire package has been reduced to $14.95 and is available as a download. Checkout is via Paypal and is not only safe and secure, you do not need to have a Paypal account and can pay with any major credit card.

Order now Portrait FX for only $14.95 

Please note that as this is a software download, all sales are final. No refunds.

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  1. Rafael Wubbel July 31, 2010 at 2:56 pm #

    Someone told me about this site on Twitter. I tried it just to see, and I found many of value here. Thanks! I like it when there are excellent posts, links and more stuff to to enjoy. Just stumbled it, I hope you get a few extra visitors from that! Have a good weekend!

  2. 網站設計 January 17, 2011 at 5:07 pm #

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  3. Dean Guzman August 14, 2011 at 3:33 am #

    Just purchased your Portrait FX for Lightroom (using v3) … I got the Presets to load (had to import them) but can’t get the Adjustment Brushes (under Develop) to show up using your instructions. Please help. Thanks.


  4. albert August 16, 2011 at 9:31 pm #

    Hi Dean
    Loading the Adjustment Brushes is pretty simple.
    In Lightroom, go under Edit -> Preferences and select the Preset Tab.

    TYou will see a button labeled “Show Lightroom Presets Folder”. Click that.
    This should open a window with a list of folderrs and the Lightroom Folder will be highlighted. Double click that to open it and you and will see a list of folders for presets, templates, etc. One of those will be called “Local Adjustment Presets”.
    Simply drag all the Adjustment Brushes (eg. PFX-Iris Boost.lrtemplate) into that folder and relaunch Lightroom. They should now all be available under the Adjustment Brush.

    Have fun, feel free to drop me an email if you still have problems.

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