Achray House on Loch Earn, Scotland

On our trip through Scotland, we stayed a night at the Achray House Hotel along the North Eastern shore of Loch Earn in Scotland. What a treat! Achray House is a boutique hotel offering a rejuvenating stay to people who want to get away from it all. It’s not a big hotel which is a good thing as the level of service goes up and the owners, Jane and Alan Gibson, have time to meet with you personally. They offer comfortable and spacious rooms (I had the room with that window you can see way on the left of this shot), many of the room have views of the Loch. Too bad we could only stay for one night as the area offers many beautiful sights. I understand that no less than 35 golf courses can be found in the vicinity!

Their dining experience is also top class and we enjoyed some of the local offerings for dinner (I had lamb and my son had venison). After dinner, the owner, Alan and I had a taste of some 6 different single malt Scottish Whiskys as a night cap. What else does one do when in Scotland?!

By the way, to make sure I did not insult the Scottish, I made sure I could spell the word “Whisky” correctly. In looking this up, I found out that the Irish spell it Whiskey while the Scottish spell it Whisky. However, it seems that the jury is still out on how the plural is spelt. Whiskies, Whiskys and Whiskeys are all acceptable it seems. Anyway, I digress . . .

Achray House also offer a fine traditional cooked Scottish breakfast, which is included by the way, personally prepared by Alan. Again, it was delicious and made sure we were well nourished for the day ahead.

p315361872-4[1]Early Morning on Loch Earn

The views of the Loch are simply breathtaking and I got up early the next morning to get some shots of the low hanging clouds clearing the surrounding hills. This view is from the jetty right in front of the hotel. I’ve been to Scotland many times and it is views like this that always stay with me.


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