The old Stadhuis in Gouda

The Dutch town of Gouda is perhaps best known for it cheese. If you have ever seen those creamy Dutch cheeses with the red colored waxy stuff, that is Gouda cheese. I personally prefer the aged Gouda cheese, which is hard to find in the US, but SO much more flavorsome! Anyway, I digress.

Today’s post is about the other thing that Gouda is famous for – their “Stadhuis”, the old city hall situated in the middle of the town square. It was built in 1450 and is still in use today! It is one of the best known monuments of Gouda and in the summer months, a genuine cheese market is held on the square surrounding the Stadhuis. Is doesn’t get more Dutch than that!

This picture was taken last year when my wife, Linda and I visited my sister who lives in Gouda. The rest of the town is equally charming and shows its heritage throughout the city center with lots of magnificent old buildings.

This is of course another HDR, processed in Oloneo PhotoEngine, an HDR application I am really liking more and more.


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