Inside the Musee du Louvre

This looks like two pictures put together, but it is not. It is a shot from inside the glass pyramid that stands in the courtyard of the Louvre Museum in Paris. It is also the main entrance and you can see the people standing in line to get tickets.

I really liked the “split personality” characteristic of this shot. The old architecture of the Louvre at the top, the modern architecture at the bottom. When I first saw pictures of the glass pyramid, I was somewhat aghast, offended almost at how the ultra modern construction contrasted with the gorgeous, classic architecture of the past. However, having been there and seen the two, I have to admit that “it works”, almost stunningly so. It did raise my appreciation of what the architects must have gone through in designing this. Hats off to them!

The Louvre is a fabulous place where you can lose yourself for hours, if not days. Linda and I stayed in a hotel nearby and first checked it out on a Sunday, only to be blown away by the number of people waiting in line to enter. Quite off-putting and we stayed clear of this place until several days later when, during the week, it was a pleasure to visit. You are allowed to bring your cameras which was a real treat and we spent many hours enjoying, not just the art on display, but the magnificent building itself.

If you ever go to Paris, make sure you include a trip to the Louvre, but try and avoid the weekend.


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