McWay Falls

In the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, in Big Sur on the California Coast, is McWay Falls. What is so awesome is that this waterfall empties right onto the beach. It makes for a very pretty scene and one that is not hard to reach at all. In fact, there is an easy waking track that leads from a parking area, underneath Hwy 1 and around the hill side to the location this shot was taken. You just need to know it is there as you cannot see it from the road when driving by.

This was a great day to shoot it as it was fairly overcast causing a nice even light.

This show is a 5 shot HDR and I used a polarizer filter, that gave me some additional detail in the water (blocked out the reflections) and enhanced that wonderful blue color of the ocean.

I’ve always wanted to go down there and get right up close, but the beach is hard to get to and is off limits due to environmental considerations. Looks very inviting though, doesn’t it?

McWay Falls-1

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