Yellowstone Bison

Anyone who has been to Yellowstone knows that herds of Bison are often easily spotted throughout the grassy plains of the park. Sometimes they stay far from the roads and can only be seen through binoculars or telephoto lenses, but sometimes they venture closer to the roads allowing you to admire their massive heads and features close-up.

This male was enormous and did me the favor of crossing the creek while practically looking at me, perhaps wondering if I were good to eat? (yes I know they are herbivores, but hey they LOOK like they would enjoy a taste of me).

I still needed my 400mm lens to get the details of his coat, horns and eye. As you can see he has not yet lost all his winter fur. Some of the others, also in the process of losing their winter coverage, looked downright ragged, like an old worn carpet that has seen too many years. I wasn’t keen on letting them know though . . . . . they are just too intimidating to mess with!

This is one of the wonders of Yellowstone. It is such a large park with such a diversity of wildlife and scenic beauty, you cannot help but feel humbled by Mother Nature.


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    Wonderful capture and great info

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