The Earth’s veins of Yellowstone

These vein-like patterns occur naturally in the mineral-laden springs of Yellowstone National Park.

These were found right next to the Grand Prismatic spring, which is far more famous for its yellow, green and red colorings. These patterns caught my eye as they were kind of mesmerizing to look at and just another small sample of the fabulous display of color and texture that can be found in Yellowstone. Isn’t nature beautiful?!

The water coming out of the spring is 160 degree Fahrenheit (or 71 in Celsius) and is a perfect breeding temperature for bacteria and molds, each type having a different color.

For a photographer, Yellowstone is an endless resources for color and texture if you have an eye for detail. It can be found everywhere! Every pool or spring has something going on that is worth shooting.p548372474-4[1]

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  2. numero B October 13, 2013 at 6:11 am #

    Oh yeah …

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