Sunset over Waikiki Beach

What is there not to like about Waikiki Beach?

My wife, Linda, and I were there in November and while it was cold and wet in our otherwise fine climate of California, Waikiki Beach was just perfect with days of 85F (29C), warm, crystal clear water and wonderful sunsets just about every night.

On this evening we had no plans other than a walk on the beach (with camera of course) and were eying the sun as it set. In this shot, a passing catamarang added just the perfect bit of detail to the scene just as I captured the sun setting behind the clouds. A balmy night, people meandering on the beach enjoying the view and soft music in the background from nearby clubs all made for a perfect and romantic evening.

Yep, nothing like a stroll on the beach watching the sunset in the company of the one you love.

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  1. Flickr: Pale Male December 7, 2012 at 1:24 am #

    nice !!

  2. Flickr: bardaxi December 7, 2012 at 2:35 am #

    Your photo is “A” Class ( Please, Post 1-Comment 2 )
    Seen in “A” Class group

  3. Flickr: Funchye December 7, 2012 at 2:41 am #

    Fantastic work!

  4. Flickr: fufitwo December 7, 2012 at 11:22 am #

    Lovely capture. 🙂

  5. Flickr: Daniel Mennerich December 7, 2012 at 6:37 pm #

    A wonderful hdr work! I like it!!

    This fantastic Image
    Deserves A

    HDR Lucky 7 Bronze Award

    Post 1, award 3

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