San Francisco Reflections

In San Francisco trying out a new lens, not my own, but one rented from A very cool organisation that rents out pretty much any kind of lens, especially the ones you cannot afford!

I’ve always wanted to try one of Canon’s Tilt/Shift lenses, lenses with extra mechanics that lets you, well, tilt and/or shift the position of the lens. And why would you want to do this, I hear you ask. For me, there are two main reasons: extending the depth of field and correcting the perspective of buildings when using a wide-angle lens (buildings start to lean in towards each other when you use a wide angle).

So, I rented the widest Tilt/Shift lens that Canon has, officially called the Canon TS-E 17mm f/4 L and Linda and I took off to San Francisco to try this lens out.

This is one of my favorite shots of the day, reflections in the windows, but also note the straight lines thanks to the perspective correction function of the Tilt Shift lens. For this shot, the lens was shifted up by 10 degrees.

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