The British Museum

Today’s picture is shot inside the main gallery of the British Museum in london.

There is a little window up on the second floor that overlooks this massive area. The window is easy to overlook but I still had to wait my turn as several others had “discovered” this view as well and had to take a picture. The wait was well worth it though as I love this shot and view of the activity below.

Thankfully I had my ultra wide (EF17-40mm) lens with me. This shot would just not have been as dramatic with my other lenses.

As a museum, the British Museum has to be one of the most impressive. It is the home to the famous Rozetta Stone, the piece of rock with carvings that let scientists first decipher the Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

This is a single image taken with my Canon 5D Mark3, which has an amazing dynamic range. Taken on a tripod at 1/30 second f/11. Processed in Lightroom V5

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