Sycamore Monterey Beach

This is one of the great beaches along the Big Sur coastline.

Unless you know it is there and look up how to get there you will almost certainly miss it. The exit to this beach is just south of the Big Sur Station and is not sign-posted. The narrow road goes through a semi-residential area and even if you take the exit, you will think it leads nowhere. Keep going however and you will eventually get to a car park with the beach being a brief walk along a tree-covered sandy path.

As you clear the trees, this beautiful beach appears with some awesome rock formations. This arch is one of the highlights and something I had wanted to go back and shoot having first seen it a few years ago.

Linda and I spent several hours there shooting all sorts of interesting driftwood and the other rock formations – all very cool and highly recommened.

This picture is a 5 shot HDR, shot with the 5D Mark 3 and my EF17-40mm lens. The ulta-wide angle is essential here if you really want to get the interesting shots. I LOVE these compositions with something interesting in the foreground and these seaweed-covered rocks provided just that.

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