The London Eye

If you’ve been to London you will know about thew London Eye. It a huge ferriswheel that takes you on a 30 minute spectacular ride. The rotation is very slow so you never feel like you stepped onto a rollercoaster or anything. It’s a very graceful and smooth ride. Needless to say the views are amazing.

In this shot you can see the Houses of Parliament in the bottom right. The water is the River Thames of course.

The “pods” take up to about 15 people each and there is just ONE red colored one, we happened to ride in the pod next to it so this provided some cool contract again the sky.

You are not allowed to take tripods up so hand-held shooting only. As you are completely enclosed in glass reflections can be somewhat of a challenge, but with some care you can awesome pictures.

I don’t do heights very well, my lovely wife Linda, made me go! I was glad she did though as the smooth ride (and the enclosed capsule) made it very enjoyable and I ended up loving every minute! I’d take the ride again . . .

A true HDR shot would not work here as you are moving all the time, so this is a single shot, but still processed in Photomatix. The high dynamic range of the 5D mark 3 is awesome and I am finding that I can easily pull 2 or 3 stops variation out of a single raw file.

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