Historic Plumas Eureka State Park

What does one do when your motorhome is in the shop for repairs and the outdoors is calling your name? You take the tent and head for the mountains.

This is the situation Linda and I found ourselves in. We had recently “re-discovered” tent camping and were somewhat prepared for a trip with the tent. We decided to go to the Graeagle area, a beautiful forested region with a gold mining history, about 50 miles north of Truckee along Hwy 89.

Plumas-Eureka-SP-8We selected the Jamieson Creek campground in the Plumas Eureka State park. We like the State Parks as they have flushing toilets and showers. The State Parks are also locations where we cannot take our motorhome to, so has great appeal as a destination. The campground turned out to be beautiful, with spacious sites and not a lot of people. Firepits and picnic tables are provided for each site.

Plumas Eureka State Park has a lot of history that goes back to the Gold Rush days. There were towns there with colorful names like “Whiskey-Diggins”,  “Poker Flat” and “Port Wine”. Names that can really set the mind racing with visions of Wild West saloons and trigger-happy outlaws. Today, the area is a somewhat sleepy region with small towns full of craft stores, restaurants, the odd golf course and lots of beautiful countryside for hikes, fishing, kayaking and, of course, camping.

There is a small museum at the entrance of the Plumas Eureka State Park. It shows how life was in the 1840s and 1850s, the height of the gold rush. There is blacksmith where volunteers make various nicnacks which are sold in the store, while demonstrating the art of a blacksmith to visitors to the park. Mining gold is what put this place on the map and old stamp mills, ore buckets and rusted machinery can still be found scattered around, reminding us of the frenzied activity here some 150 years ago.

We had wanted to do some kayaking in the nearby lakes, but it was too windy. We did not feel like battling the elements so decided to stick to our photography.

A highly recommended place to visit. The bakery in Blairsden serves superb coffee and pastries and a casual stroll through Graeagle is a delight.

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