Creative Presets

Lightroom 4, 5 and 6 (and CC)

Have you upgraded to a new version of Lightroom and found that some of your presets do not work anymore? That’s because Adobe made some significant changes to the underlying image processing engine. Especially presets that have ToneCurve, Graduated Filter or Fill Light/Highlight settings.

All the presets found on this site now work with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and CC. Some of the older ones have been upgraded and you can download either V3 or V4.

But, if you have other presets and cannot get a newer version, then here is a quick fix:

1. Go to the Develop Module

2. Open the “Camera Calibration Panel”

3. Where is says “Process:    2012 (Current)  click the little triangles you see on the right

4. Select 2010

All your pre-version 4 presets will now work again.

Now for the Free Presets . .

These presets create unusual effects and are more suitable for creative treatment of your photos.

Their unusual effect is caused by a special tone-curve impossible to create with the normal user interface of Lightroom. Move your mouse over the images below to see the original image and the amazing effect of this preset.

Steel Preset (set of 3)

A set of 3 presets (Dark, Medium and Light).

This unusual preset is especially effective for “steel” objects such as cars with lots of chrome, exposed hot-rod engines and buildings. However, Steel can also be used effectively as a creative treatment to other types of subjects. Experiment and see for yourself.

Tip: Use Steel to create “faux HDR” images

Steel Before Steel After
Original Image With the Steel Preset

Download the Steel Preset [Download not found]

Download for Lightroom V4 [Download not found]

Solarize Preset

Another unusual preset not possibible with “normal” Lightroom settings.

This creates an effect similar to the days of film, when some light was “leaked” onto an exposed roll, partially reversing the tone.  Once applied, other Lightroom settings can be applied as this preset mostly affects the tonecurve only.

solarize-before.jpg solarize-after.jpg
Original Image With the Solarize Preset

Download the Solarize Preset [Download not found]

Download Lightroom 4 version [Download not found]

Negative Preset

This preset takes the previous effect even further and completely reverses the image, creating a negative, or turns a negative into a positive!

Cannot be created by using the Lightroom user interface.

negative-before.jpg negative-after.jpg
Original Image With the Negative preset

Download the Negative Preset [Download not found]

Download Lightroom 4 version [Download not found]

Posterize Preset

This preset turns all pixels into either Black or White (no greys), creating a harsh, B/W silhouette look.

_MG_4229 _MG_4229-2
Original Image With the Posterize preset

Read more about this preset here

Download this preset [Download not found]

Download Lightroom 4 version [Download not found]

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