Lightroom Presets

Download and the install the presets below. They have been created for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
To install, unzip the preset and save in a logical place on your PC. The open Lightroom and go to the Develop module. In the Develop Preset panel, right-click and select “import”.

If you are after presets specifically designed for portraits, scroll down to the bottom of this page for some free presets. You may also be interested in my Portrait Effects package which sells for $14.95. Check that out here.

Lightroom 4

Have you upgraded to Lightroom 4 and found that some of your presets do not work anymore? That’s because Adobe made some sigificant changes to the underlying image processing engine. Especially presets that have ToneCurve, Graduated Filter or Fill Light/Highlight settings will probably not work anymore.

All the presets found on this site now work with Lightroom 4. Some of the older ones have been upgraded and you can download either V3 or V4.

If you have other presets and cannot get a newer version, then here is a quick fix:

1. Go to the Develop Module

2. Open the “Camera Calibration Panel”

3. Where is says “Process:    2012 (Current)  click the little triangles you see on the right

4. Select 2010

All your pre-version 4 presets will now work again.

Now for the Free Presets . .

Aged Photo

Gives your photo an aged B&W look.
Use it on Raw files. Should give pleasing results on just about any type of of image or subject matter.




With the Aged Photo Preset

Download Aged Photo (302)


Aged Sepia

Gives your photo an old sepia look.
Not quite as contrasty as the Aged Photo look and has more of a sepia tone to it. Great for many types of images.




With the Aged Sepia Preset

Download Aged Sepia (268)


Many people like the “look” of heavy tonemapped High Dynamic Range images (HDR). While Lightroom does not produce HDR images, one can simulate the look do a degree.
This Preset does not work on all types of images. Dark images will look downright awful and images with lots of blue (sky and water) will not look right either.
However, it provides great effects when used for buildings, street scenes and even some landscapes.




With the HDR-Like Preset

Download HDR Like (613) Lightroom V3 and older.

Download for Lightroom 4 [Download not found]

B&W Infra

A B&W conversion that has a somewhat of an “infra-red” feel to it. Can provide very pleasing results.


AdB_B W_Infra


With the B&W Infra Preset

Download B&W Infra Red (203)


Another B&W conversion with the feel of infra-red. This one is a bit stronger than the one above.




With the IR-Like Preset

Download IR Like (218)


Designed especially for landscape photos. Gives a pleasing result in sky, grass and overall clarity and saturation.




With the Landscape Preset

Download Landscape (Light) (370)

B&W High Contrast

Converts your photo to B&W. Has quite a high contrast and is designed for Raw images. If you use this preset on JPEGs, you can expose noise.


AdB_B W_High_Contrast


With the B&W High Contrast Preset

Download B&W High Contrast (230)

B&W Higher Contrast

Converts your photo to B&W. Does so with a lot of contrast and may not work on all subjects.
Designed for use with Raw files and can expose some noise if used with JPEGs


AdB_B W_Higher_Contrast


With the B&W Higher Contrast Preset

Download B&W Higher Contrast (228)


This is a simple preset that “resets” everything to zero. Can be handy when you want to clear out all of Lightroom’s standard settings of just want to start over from scratch.

There is not much to see so there is no sample images here.

Download [Download not found]

Download a version for LR4 [Download not found]

Warming Vignette


Warming Vignette


With the Warming Vignette Preset

Download [Download not found]

Black and White Filters

Here are a series of filters to be used for B&W images. They emulate the traditional colored filters photographers used along with B&W film.



Blue Filter

With Blue Filter

Green Filter

With Green Filter (does not work well with portraits, see special portrait version below)

Red Filter

With Red Filter

Red Filter Light

With Red Filter Bright

Yellow Filter

With Yellow Filter

And some filters especially designed for portraits

Original Portrait Original

Green Filter for PortraitWith Green Filter for Portraits

High Key With High Key Filter

Download these filter presets:

[Download not found] [Download not found] [Download not found] [Download not found] [Download not found] [Download not found] [Download not found]

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